Swarovski reflective elements

  • The Lynx roadstud system incorporates the Swareflex range of biconvex glass retro-reflective lenses.
  • They are available in 3 colours and 2 lens configurations.
  • The Swareflex reflectors are renowned for their Extreme durability, especially with high and heavy traffic
  • High retro reflectivity catogory A lens
  • Superior ability to retain this reflective intensity over time
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE on the road
  • Range of colours and reflector sizes

Our most popular elements are the 43 and the 23

The coefficient of luminous intensity (C.I.L.) depends on the number of glass elements ( being 43 or 23 ) and the angle of inclination of the insertion into the base plastic.

19 degrees provides higher reflective intensity at far observation distances.

0 degree provides higher reflective intensity at short observation distances.

The Swareflex reflectors work on the principal of retro-reflection: Rays of light hitting retro-reflective optical systems are reflected to their point of origin. The shape of the glass element is precisely computer-calculated to achieve maximum reflection. The rear of these glass elements are coated with a highly reflective silver mirror which is protected from water and damage by several special layers.

How a retro-reflective element works:

Roadstuds are submitted to enormous mechanical strain by high and heavy traffic flow and the surface of the stud must be as resistant as possible. Glass and metal are ideal materials to meet such strain especially on the shoulder of the road as this area is exposed to heavy trucking and great weights.

Additional protection for the optical glass elements ia provided by moulding them into a bed of weather and shock proof plastic. The plastic proved a great success in field use due to its:

  • Good breaking resistance
  • Great toughness and rigidity
  • Good heat, color and UV stability
  • Excellent resistance to outdoor exposure
  • Good resistance to chemicals

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