McNaughtan's Lynx aluminium

The body of the Lynx Aluminium road stud is made from an extruded aluminium profile. The unit experiences non of the cracking associated with die-cast aluminium. The lowest reflective glass element row in the popular 23 element reflector is nearly 12mm above the road surface, largely eliminating loss of reflectivity due to rain or embedding in soft tar.

Optional tempered steel bolts provide the roadstud with solid anchorage.

Width of stud above road surface 10 cm
Length of stud above road surface 9.6 cm
Height above road surface 2.2 cm
Length of shank ( below road surface ) 6.3 cm
Maximum width of shank ( tapered ) 1.7 cm

The 60 degree leading edge of a conventional road stud is reduced to 51 degrees by the gently sloping run-up ledge, which facilitates better traffic cleaning action.

Grooves in the undersurface improve the roadstud's anti-twist positional stability and reduces the amount of adhesive required by up to 50 %. Their dovetail shape increases the strength of the adhesive bond to the road.

To minimize impact the Lynx road stud has a low 13.2mm ridge which is only 21mm wide onto the top. Impact forces are spread over a relatively large "footprint". Because the road stud is narrow, radial tyres wrap around it and transfer most of the vehicle's weight to the road surface.

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