McNaughtan's Roadstud

The Lynx roadstud system was developed in 1993 to fulfill the need for a high quality, long lasting roadstud with the ability to withstand the harshest climatic and traffic conditions.

Within a short period of time after its release it established an industry standard in durability and adaptability McNaughtan's prides itself on adhering to professional and prompt service guidelines.

With us, the customer IS king! McNaughtan's is committed to servicing the diverse needs of different customers, and encourages customer input, from making suggested improvements to existing products, to suggestions on improving customer services.

Our best selling roadstuds are the Ferro Lynx A200 and the Lynx aluminium

Frequently asked questions

Why McNaughtan's only use Swarovski reflective elements in their metal roadstuds?
How do you install roadstuds onto tarred surfaces?
How can you contact us to find out more about this great range?


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Elaine Fike
Cell: +27 78 693 5092
Tel: +27 31 702 2244
Fax: +27 31 702 8623

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P.O. Box 2574
New Germany
KZN, South Africa

Byron Gillham
Cell: +27 (0) 842456233
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12 Blair Road
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